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Anyone heard of Ohanafy? Software platform for craft beverage business operations


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1. Never heard of them previously.

2. Web site is super slow.

3. "Pricing" link does not in fact lead to any actual pricing.

4. Further clicking through their site reveals that they are built on top of Salesforce. I have tried using Salesforce a few times previously. It was so painfully slow and convoluted that I would not consider trying it again.

5. It also appears that their customers are mainly breweries. Do they even understand distilleries?

6. SAAS pricing rarely makes good business sense.

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Yeah not a fan of Salesforce.  Every deployment of it I ever used was pretty archaic and tough to use.  Probably only worse platform I've used is SAP.  I might sit through a demo though.  We have a brewery and have done all of those TTB filings by hand (spreadsheets, etc.), but the distilling side is much more onerous.  Whiskey Systems (the alternative) raised ther prices so much that it may not be something we can justify as a complete startup on the distillery side.

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