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Mixing valve


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Hey all!

As a quick introduction, I am Julien and I run a small distillery in Switzerland. We produce all our spirits from local grains and potatoes. 

To recover the hot water from my stills condensers I am about to install an insulated water tank with a heating element.

The idea is to keep the water at 158F and use it for mashing single malt.

Therefore, I will need to adjust the water temperature by mixing it with cold water before it enters the grist hydrator.

What do you use to precisely adjust the water temperature? Do you simply do it manually or a proportional solenoid valve and a PID controller on the cold water side could work?

Also, do you thing a RIMS tube would be appropriate to reach the sparging temperature (172F)?

Thanks a lot for your help!





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IDK if you'd want a standard or reverse acting but a Dan Foss with the probe upstream of the hydrator and the regulator valve upstream of the probe on the cold water input. It will take some time to dial in the manual set points but from then on if your heart is consistent the valve would be money.

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Yes, I was considering a Danfoss thermostatic valve as well but I wasn’t sure it would be precise enough.

I don’t have much experience with them except I use them on my product condensers. I have an danfoss Avta valve on my product condenser so I can give it a try.



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