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$.02 Cents worth of fun

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Hey Folks,

I was standing in an agency liquor store looking for a bottle for a Christmas gift. A man standing next to me was looking up, at the "top shelf" products. He casually commented that there were so many choices in Vodka. I chuckled and said, "Well, Im no Vodka fan or expert, But if I were going to buy a bottle here it would be one made locally" I recomended either Cold Rivers potato Vodka or Twenty2's Vodka. Since they were the only two craft Vodka's. I also in very brief terms explained why they were good. Hand crafted, heads, hearts and tails. less than two minutes. The guy looked a few more minutes while I shopped on my own, thanked me very much as he selected a bottle of the Twenty2 and headed for the checkout. He walked in looking to buy likely something commercial and left feeling good about buying local. It was a simple pleasure to gently educate and help a local business out.

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I have done this before, and had family and friends do it too. People seem mostly helpless when they enter a liquor store, and anyone in a position that seems to know what they are talking about are able to educate and influence purchasing selection. Its always fun, and I have done it not only for the products I help create, but many New York made spirits. I would rather see someone buy a NY spirit then anything else, so even if they aren't looking for what I peddle, then I try to steer them toward the most local option in their selected category.

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