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New, never-installed 3 bbl turnkey distillery system with 50-gallon hybrid pot still

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Up for sale is a brand-new, steam-jacketed 3 bbl turnkey distillery system, manufactured by ABE Equipment in Lincoln, NE. This equipment was delivered from the manufacturer in late June 2022 and has been stored in a climate-controlled garage since then. The equipment has never been installed, and every part that came packaged or wrapped is still in its original packaging and shipping wrap.


The distillery this equipment was intended for hasn’t come to fruition, so this is a great opportunity to get some outstanding equipment that is truly even better than “like-new,” for less money and lot shorter wait time than ordering it from the manufacturer today.


With a steam-jacketed system, you’re looking at lower utility costs versus electric-element heating, and much shorter warm-up times, so you'll save money and time.   Here’s what’s included:

  • 3 BBL mash skid system:
    • 3 x 100-gallon poly fermenters
    • 100-gallon steam-jacketed mash tun
    • Mash rake and paddle
    • Heat exchanger
    • All hoses and fittings
    • Electrical control box
  • Transfer pump and hoses
  • 50-gallon pot still with bypassable 6-plate column
  • Labeler
  • NEMA controller
  • Various couplings, hose fittings, etc., to keep you going


Here’s some info about the setup from ABE’s website:

Brochure for the turnkey system

Brochure for the mash skid

Brochure for the the 50-gallon still


List price: $45,000


I have .pdfs of the equipment specs that I’ll be happy to share, as well, and plenty more pics.


Feel free to reach out with any questions, additional photo requests, etc. Thanks for looking!

Distillery - full profile view.jpeg

Distillery - featured overview pic.jpeg

Distillery - column and condenser.jpeg

Distillery - electrical box.jpeg

Distillery - still front view.jpeg

Distillery - transfer pump.jpeg

Distillery - SmartShot labeler.jpeg

Distillery - fittings and control box.jpeg

Distillery - HX fittings.jpeg

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