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Hi folks,

I have a bunch of bottled/boxed product that we just finished. We were planning on storing it in a shipping container. However, I wanted to check with this community about whether I should be concerned about the heat. We're in Texas and it gets pretty hot in there. I don't imagine that distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc. climate control their bulk storage. Are there specific concerns I should keep in mind with storing bottled finished product in the heat?



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I would be concerned about the heat.  I have had corks blow off of a couple of bottles at Farmer's Markets when the heat is closing in on 100 degrees (one bottle even cracked--but I think it must have had a flaw in it).  I use wood t-tops and a heat shrink capsule.  As a result, we don't do markets anymore when the heat exceeds 95 degrees.  We keep our storage at under 90 and have not had any issues.

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