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Looking for a specific filtering housing


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Hello all,

       In the facilities I've been in over the years a few times I have happened across a small little plastic filter cart housing that I am trying to purchase now but am having difficulty. The cartridge itself was only a few inches long and was TC'd directly into the line of a hose. I am not talking about an inline strainer. I believe the housing either hinged open on the side (clam shell? if you would?) to accept a new cartridge change (small cartridges, not 20" or even 10" long) but it may have been something you loaded from the top and I am conflating that? Which may be where I am having trouble finding it?

     Anyways I am asking if anyone has a small cart housing recommendation that I can just TC into a hose? That isn't a strainer. Less than 10 inches long if possible


Thank you.


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