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Distillery consultant ready to help you achieve your distilling goals.

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Hello All!

I started browsing distilling forums in 2012, caught the bug, and have been distilling ever since. Over the years I have gained a lot of love for the art and craft of distilling through the time spent on this forum, my own excursions into distilling, and reading technical texts on all aspects of the the subject.
I built my first still while I was living in Costa Rica, and started making pineapple, mango, and tamarind brandies, along with rums.
I am formally trained as a mechanical engineer, and have worked as a mechanical systems design engineer for 13 years now.

My love for the craft has continued to grow over the years and I now have helped start a number of distilleries on a commercial scale.
I learned that I have a knack for designing the distillery spaces to be functional, safe, and beautiful as well, along with creating some award-winning recipes for spirits. I appreciate the wide variety in the world of distilling. That variety applies to both the spirits which can be produced, and the people within the industry who are making them. I am looking to give back to the community, sharing some of the knowledge I have picked up along the way.

The consulting group I have started is called "Kindred Spirits Distillery Consulting" and we work with people from all over the globe to help them reach their dreams of starting a distillery of their own. We have been operating since 2021 professionally and have helped design over 20 distilleries all around the world so far.
I am familiar with all types of equipment and have helped setup nano-distilleries, all the way to 25,000+ sqft production spaces. Each location is its own puzzle to solve and it is amazing to be able to share what I have learned with others. If you have some time, check out our website to see the services we offer and reach out via the "schedule a consult" page so we can see how we can work together on making your distilling dreams a reality.

Nice to formally meet you all.


Steve Tomori

Lead Consultant/Mechanical Engineer


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