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  1. Mikegronski@gmail.com 678-773-2794 www.mgthermalconsultingco.com
  2. Howdy, if you get stuck with cooling needs or budgets,give me a shout! Mike
  3. The stand alone Hybrid Cooler and shell and tube exchanger start out at amount $20k. This will get the mash down to 105F in summer, colder from Fall thru Spring. Additional cooling would need to be done in the fermenters by a chiller if needed. You can reduce the size of the hybrid cooler by setting up a two stage cooling by cutting in the chiller sooner running with with a chilled water reservoir. It all depends how much chiller you need during summer. The Hybrid Cooler will get nearly triple the cooling in off seasons, so if you are not running a chiller 24/7, it may be cost effective to integrate the chiller in the crash cooling, but only when needed, so you can keep your power consumption at a minimum. For a 1000 Gal system, this is a sizable savings which we can determine for you. The Hybrid Cooler will pay for itself in a few years from power savings. Mike G 678-773-2794
  4. Naven, I didin’t see where in the US You will be located. I have shell and tube htx’s available for around $2;500 that will cover your pond/process water plus if you can filter the mash ,using only the wort one can be used to crash cool the mash too. if your pond water gets too warm, I have a few reconditioned chillers that are 230-3-60 that would work to trim the coolin loop, but you need to buy a phase converter to make 3 phase power ( I assume you only have single phase). Mike Email me if you need specs or call 678-773-2794.
  5. Hi, I’m fromCorning and have providedd cooling system nationwide including Buffalo and Hammondsport. New is cooling system for crashing wort or mash, in case you need some extra . Your product seems interesting! I thought I read somewhere there was a fermented whey that farmers used to drink for stomach ailments- . My grandparts were dairy and egg farmers and there were all kinds of recipes that they used to talk about from “the old country”.
  6. We are now finalizing a large capacity crash cooling system design for whiskey mash with a closed loop glycol cooler and vertical shell and tube heat exchanger. Anyone interested in the concept, let me know. Mike G 678-773-2794
  7. Welcome, I have some clients doing the same as you- where are you located?
  8. Howdy, I went to college across the border in IN at Angola about a zillion years ago. If you have any questions on cooling systems, give a shout- Mike, 678-773-2794.
  9. Good luck! My roomie’s Dad was a tugboat captain out of Morgan City and is a honorary Cajun, LOL. If you have any questions about chiller systems, give me a shout. Mike G. 678-773-2794
  10. welcome- do you know Jack Baker at Litchfield Distillery? I supplied him his cooling system. Mike
  11. Hi, I can assist you on the coolinhg syste design, selections and strategies on energy savings. Give me a call any time. Mike G 678-773-2794
  12. Good luck! If you need some mash cooling ideas, I will be coming out with an air-cooled mash cooler, a closed loop glycol cooler coupled to a shell and coil heat exchanger. Mike G
  13. Hi, l believe we exchanged emails a couple years back when you had some coolin questions. Glad to hear you’redoing mike gwell.
  14. As you know, expansion on the distilling end will also require the extra crash cooling of the mash. The new system design I propose uses a hybrid cooler (with cooling tower -like performance) with matching shell and coil as exchange. This system has several installationswhich Iwill have data to match photos. Call me anytime for thumbnail sketch of the system. Mike
  15. I have a reconditioned 10 hp. W/ 2-5compressors (one new), one new fan motor an a one year old circulating pump. Rest of unit is original 2017. CCost would be $11,000 plus freight. One month warranty on parts dicluding refrigerant. You could tie it in to a well water circuit with a plate exchanger, too. Mike G. 678-773-2794
  16. You need to get to 60F of chilled water for the still. Hybrid chillers like the one pictured will get glycol down to around 80-85 in summer, so here is where you need refrigerated devices.I have chillers in Buffalo and on the Finger Lakes,NY, if you are interested?
  17. I have supplied chillers for canning for a couple years. Usually a small glycol chiller will do the trick to chill product to temp for use on the canning line.
  18. Going back to avoiding too warm glycol return on chiller- 1. I used a two stage heat exchanger for crash cool, stg 1 uses hybrid cooler, stg 2 uses chiller with large reservoir. 2. Another case I am using a bypass to bleed chiller cold glycol to the chiller return until return temp is acceptable. Next proposed distillery will use a large hybrid cooler plus chiller but will have enough winter temps to run hybrid dry, saving 115 HP in winter use. Mash tun is 2500 Gal with two still runs per day. If you need information on the HYbrid Cooler, email me for engineering data.
  19. Yes to the reservoir for crashing. If your run calculates 30,000 Btu/hr, you can go up to a 2.5 or 3 HP. If you stretched out the run time by lowering heat, you could get it done with a 2 HP, there is a different style for most chillers, 2 HP being the cut off for the smaller sizes and 3HP for larger sizes which are for sure more hefty. Cost difference could be as much as 3 thousand dollars.
  20. 10 ton chiller way to large- more like a 2 HP. I use 10 HP for a 500 Gal pot, then add if I have fermenter loads, plus reservoir if I have mash cooling.
  21. If you run with a complete open system (no isolation exchanger to separate indoor/outdoor flows, then the minimum PG is 30% or else bacteria will actually grow faster. Maximum % is either the ambient outdoor low temp or the operating low temp of the chiller minus 15 degrees to account for refrigerant passing through the chiller which has to be colder than the glycol operating temp in order for the chiller to do its job. In the South, I use 30-35% and up North 40-45%- mainly for cost reasons. If you have a question in particular, give me a call. Mike G 678-773-2794
  22. I can get you a quick ship on a chiller for your cooling needs as well. Either 230/3/60 or 460/3/60 new, some factory reconditioned with partial warranty. I have drycoolers and hybrid coolers if all you are looking for is crash cooling. these are built from scratch. Mike G 678-773-2794
  23. If it is an atmospheric tank, you need treatment unless you transfer it to another closed tank tor storage and reuse (here you make up with city water). Easiest way to cut down on amount of glycol is to install a plate exchanger (have photos of this example) to reduce amount of glycol. I run chiller at 45F to store water at 50F in the tank. You either add treatment (from the guy you are getting your DI water from) or I can hook you up with an ozone treatment where you inject ozone in the "dead space" in your tank- this treats the air which is adding bacteria to the water. Up to you how to do it, but I can give you some material on it.
  24. You have to aware that the pump motor is non-overloading throughout the "operational range" you intend on using it. Otherwise you could go off on motor overloads.
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