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Whiskey Production referrence materials


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Hello all.

Hoping that you fine folks here on ADI could help out. I'm looking for some books to research craft whiskey production. Specifically looking at mash composition, water-to-grain ratios, mash temps, etc. I'm originally a homebrewer and now work in a craft brandy distillery and winery. We've recently begun to gather info on also producing a whiskey and just need some starting info. I work better from books/reading materials. Lots of sources, including ADI offer a number of books, but I was really hoping to be pointed to the ones which are a little more technically helpful. We already know how to run a still, handle barrels, etc. It's the nuts and bolts of grain distillation which I need to get my hands on.

Truly, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Whisky: Production, Technology, and Marketing mentioned above is about as good as it gets. Another equally excellent book and great companion to 'Whisky' is 'The Alcohol Textbook' 'The Alcohol Textbook' covers whiskey and alcohol production in general (i.e. fuel production, NGS, ect...). Both are pricey, but hands down worth the money if your serious about whiskey production.

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Inge Russels' book, Whisky: Production, Technology, and Marketing, is out of print, but is available used for slightly less than the original price, which was $165 I think. Here are some places selling it. I would jump on one of the used copies for $145 immediately.


Nottingham University Publishers just came out with a new, revised and updated issue of 'The Alcohol Textbook.'


They also came out with a third volume in their Distilled Spirits series, and are selling the three volumes as a set as well.


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I'll add to this:


Doesn't go into as much detail on whiskey specifically but a great resource on fermentation and distillation.

A book, also by John Piggott, et.al.:


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