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Artisan Still Design 300 Gallon Turnkey distillation system (Available together or individually)

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This 300 Gallon Turnkey distillation system is available as a system for $100,000 or individually as priced below

  • 300 Gallon Artisan Still Design steam jacketed copper dome still with 4 plate copper column ($75,000). This still can also be run with electric as a bain-marie style.  Included with this still is the following:
    •  Mixer Direct Agitator (Operated with controller)
    •   Integrated CIP with VFD control unit
    •   Condenser
    •   Control unit capable of operating two dephlegmators and the agitator
    •    Parrot
  • 4 300 Gallon Container Logic Jacketed Fermenters ($12,000)
  • 300 Gallon Artisan Still Design Jacketed steam mash tun with Mixer Direct agitator and VFD controller ($10,000)
  • Columbia Boiler model L32 560 MBH low pressure Steam Boiler ($5,000)
  • Artisan Still Design tube-in-tube mash chiller ($2,500
  • 2 medium Buckhorn center discharge grain hoppers ($500)
  • 2 350 Gallon food grade stainless steel IBC totes ($5,000)
  • Pellet Masters Model 198 Hammer Mill ($500)

All of this equipment is clean and in good working order.  We made some really nice Whiskies and Applejack with this setup but we are restructuring our whole business model and this equipment is no longer necessary for us.

We’re happy to provide more pictures or information upon request, reasonable remote support for setup on your side as well as in person or video demonstration in operation.

Buyer is responsible for shipping, FOB Origin.










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