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New & Used Barrel Racks

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Prices ranging from $25-$50 we have both two and four barrel racks available. Forklift openings ranging from 3" - 7" in both double and single bars. Let us know what your barrel storage needs are. Pictures available upon request.


We have both two barrel and four barrel new racks available. Powder coated mild steel or stainless steel. We also sell special order racks if needed (i.e. low profile, puncheon and so on). Prices vary depending on size of order. Please call for details.

CALL Marc at (530) 589-5176

Contact Information:

Country Connection

Marc Hillier

PH: (530) 589-5176 / FAX: (530) 589-5008


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Are these for 55 gallon barrels? Do you have various sizes? 5, 10, 15 gallons.

These racks are for 200-228 liter casks. Sizes only vary in forklift openings (height) and whether they hold 2 barrels or 4 barrels.

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Which is 55 gallon range (for those who can't calculate quickly).

All racks we have in inventory hold 53-60 gallon barrels. They are designed to hold all ex bourbon and wine barrels. As well as a variety of steel and plastics casks.

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