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  1. We continue to make honey spirit, but since my last posting, we now also do an absinthe blanche that uses the honey spirit as the base.
  2. With more case shipping for drop-ship distribution, self distribution, and retail sales shipments for spirits, the need has grown for FedEx/UPS approved shipping cartons as well. While many solutions exist, including molded pulp shipping cartons, for wine bottles, the dimensions are not quite suitable for many spirit bottles, including the very popular Nordic (aka Oslo, Stockholm) 750ml and 375ml. I am in discussions lithesome molded pulp packaging manufacturers about production of a suitable size for Nordic bottles. To make this happen would require a significant commitment likely from many distilleries or distributors that use the Nordic bottles, since it is not common with large producers. For example, for a molded pulp package to hold 12 bottles, an annual commitment of 50K units, with 15K units produced during a single run would be typical. I am interested in gauging the interest in such packaging.
  3. What should have been done years ago was to create an open source project on a GitHub for the small craft distillers. We are still rolling our own combination of spreadsheets and databases, because every time we check out a commercial solution, they are more expensive, and can't support our current workflow.
  4. bluestar


    We are trying our hand at an allspice dram now. Any suggestions for its preparation would be helpful.
  5. We have been using the packaging from spiritedshippers as well, but it is NOT really a great choice if you are using the Nordic spirit bottles (750ml or 375ml). The 750ml are just a little too wide to properly fit, and the shoulder inserts don't match well. The 375ml will fit, but it wastes much space, half the box is empty. It is unfortunate no one appears to make a shipper designed for the Nordic, considering how common it is, as well as similarly sized/shaped bottles. Everything is sized for wine bottles.
  6. What are people currently using for 50ml (nip) bottles? We were using PET with 18mm PP Kerr tops? Or perhaps someone has some they want to unload?
  7. Depends on your quantity, unless very large quantity, you want to find a distributor, probably local, that works with multiple manufacturers.
  8. Yes, the vagaries of different methods of Gin production. I make both a Distilled Gin (no formula required) and a Redistilled Gin (formula required), so I understand what you mean precisely. But I think you just have to submit the formula, although as you say, if it is not currently being treated as GRAS, it might not get approved. For those that are interested, here is the last published update on that status: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2018-11-13/pdf/2018-24662.pdf And it may not get approved, because it is known to cause uterine issues for pregnant women, so that might be a non-starter. By the way, if the consideration was maybe using it and avoiding prohibition by virtue of not requiring approval of a formula (as for Distilled Gin), of course we are bound to submit formulas by law if we intend to use anything that is not currently GRAS or otherwise limited use in production of spirits (like wormwood).
  9. Why do you think a colorant would not be allowed in gin? It would have to be in your formula, but gin can have any range of botanicals, and butterfly pea flower is just another botanical. There are no color requirements for gin.
  10. I have answered my question, you can delist after, and I did so. I have edited my original posting. Meanwhile, you can still sell product after de-registering and delisting, when you delist, you indicate the end of market date, which should match or be earlier than the expiration date of the last batch manufactured.
  11. Yes, we deregistered, and therefore have stopped production. But we still have some product on hand. Most we sell into our own shop, but I assume, like for spirits, we can transfer from manufacture to retail shop by means of invoice, and that the product can still be sold? The ACSA gives instructions now for delisting product, but if you have already deregistered, but it works after you deregister as well. Also note when you delist, you must indicate when marketing will end, which means the product you have already manufactured can be sold thereafter, until this deadline, according to information forwarded by the ACSA from HHS/FDA.
  12. Do we still need to deregister? Do we need to remove from market existing approved products?
  13. Note some have already de-registered before closing market activity of the products. We have rechecked, and you can delist the products after de-registering. You should also change the labeling to inactive.
  14. Well, in any case, we and a few other of our neighbor distilleries have de-registered effective 12/31/20, and obviously will stop making sanitizer, if we haven't already done so, until this is sorted out. I presume we can re-register if they decide to provide an exception for distilleries in the future.
  15. Sadly, many small distilleries made hand sanitizer in small quantities in an effort as much to be helpful as well to produce perhaps a small supplemental income stream, unaware of the impending fee of this magnitude. For such small facilities, given all the other difficulties during the epidemic, this will probably put them out of business.
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