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  1. Ditto above, let us know. But how long will it take for a slow boat from China?
  2. Well a good "test" of how this would be done would be a canned cocktail that is just beer and whiskey. In other words, a Boilermaker. I presume a brewery could NOT can this, since it requires transfer spirit in bond into the brewery. But the reverse, how would that be done? Since this is not beer being brought it as a raw material for distillation, but as alcohol for blending.
  3. Our cost of production, including labor, rent, raw materials, barrels, bottles, labels, utilities, shipping, etc., has increased by 50% or more in the past decade. Our prices for bottles of our spirits have remained the same. This is mostly due to pricing pressure from the large producers, whose prices have remained fairly level or actually went down in the past decade, for the mainstream brands. But this may be a red herring, since most major producers have added upper tier and pseudo-craft brands that sell at significant premiums from their lower tier brands, and this may be allowing them to effectively raise the average price and net revenue? Have others observed something similar?
  4. We may be interested, depends on final shipping cost. Email manager@quincystreetdistillery.com
  5. We compared India Nordics to USA before they shut down USA production, and at that time it was clear the product from India gave inconsistent fills with level filling because of shape variations, and also problems applying some labels. We have used some Arizonas and Nordics from India since the USA shut down, and they were a little better than we previously, but still inferior to the USA production. We have considered going to Stockholm (Anchor), the quality looks acceptable, but the glass has a bluish cast that is less desirable.
  6. We have emptied a few more 10g in the past few weeks...
  7. Also interested in purchasing Nordic 375ml and 750ml, in Chicago, if anyone is in the midwest looking to dispose of stock...
  8. Also interested in purchasing Nordic 375ml and 750ml, in Chicago, if anyone is in the midwest looking to dispose of stock...
  9. We have quite a few 10 gallon "Honeycomb" barrels made by Black Swan, that were used to age a "baby" bourbon for 4-5 months. We also have some of these that had seen second or third use. These barrels have become quite expensive, new Black Swan now charges $317 each (plus shipping)! We sell them for less than half the new price, depending on how many are purchased. E-mail sales@quincystreetdistillery.com for more information or to arrange a purchase. Single barrels can be sent UPS, best option for on-pallet in midwest is Speedee Delivery.
  10. Use a good baker's molasses, medium grade, to experiment with. Unsulfured of course. Don't use blackstrap.
  11. We continue to make honey spirit, but since my last posting, we now also do an absinthe blanche that uses the honey spirit as the base.
  12. With more case shipping for drop-ship distribution, self distribution, and retail sales shipments for spirits, the need has grown for FedEx/UPS approved shipping cartons as well. While many solutions exist, including molded pulp shipping cartons, for wine bottles, the dimensions are not quite suitable for many spirit bottles, including the very popular Nordic (aka Oslo, Stockholm) 750ml and 375ml. I am in discussions lithesome molded pulp packaging manufacturers about production of a suitable size for Nordic bottles. To make this happen would require a significant commitment likely from many distilleries or distributors that use the Nordic bottles, since it is not common with large producers. For example, for a molded pulp package to hold 12 bottles, an annual commitment of 50K units, with 15K units produced during a single run would be typical. I am interested in gauging the interest in such packaging.
  13. What should have been done years ago was to create an open source project on a GitHub for the small craft distillers. We are still rolling our own combination of spreadsheets and databases, because every time we check out a commercial solution, they are more expensive, and can't support our current workflow.
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