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What's up with Supreme Corq?


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Who has success with Supreme Corq?

They never answer the phone when I call, and never return the voicemails I leave. That's not really a great way to do business, is it? Who else sells synthetic bartops?


We can definitely help you with both bottles and synthetic corks.

Here my contact details:

Leonardo Mocci

Bruni Glass Packaging

Tel 707-752-6271 (direct)

Cell 707-246-4968

Bruni Glass has offices and warehousing both on the east coast (Montreal) and west coast (California).

We'd be glad to help.

All the best


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Hate to say it but they lost their financing and are being shut down soon

I'm sorry to hear that. I had excellent success with SupremeCorq. I haven't placed an order since January but I didn't have a complaint with their sales or service.

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Tapi is the largest manufacturer of synthetic bartops in the world. We are members of ADI. You can find us in the Distillers Resource Directory. We will have a booth at the upcoming Portland Conference.


Kevin Dunbar

Tapi USA

Sales Manager

1 866 492 7501

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