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2500-4000 gallon Bottling Tank Wanted

George A

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I'm looking for a used mixing/bottling tank for my operation. My preference is around 3750 gallons, but the diameter must be under 96" (8 ft) so it can fit through my warehouse roll up door. I would consider (2) 2000 gallon or similar if the price is right. If you have a tank between 2500 and 5000 gallons that you think would work, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I would like something with around a 2" tri-clover and a manway near the bottom. 304SS will work and I don't need it to be jacketed for heating or cooling. Bonus points if it has a sight tube already built in. A tank with a mixer built in, or mixer capable would be ideal.

Thank you.


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George, I have two tanks that are approximately 3000 gallons a piece, or slightly less. We have been using them for wine. They have an 1-1/2 " racking valve with triclover fitting, approx 2' man way by raking valve and 2' man way for the top. I would like to get $2.00 per gallon for them but if you take them both you can have them for $10,000. It is a bargain depending on where you are located, if you are somewhere in the East Coast, I can see it. The price of shipping is not worth it. We got them into our building thru a 8' door so hopefully they should not be any problem. Cheers

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