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Peach Brandy


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There are a number of peach eaux de vie on the market. I know of two distilleries producing an aged peach brandy -- Peach Street Distillers, in Palisade, CO and Old World Spirits in Belmont, CA.

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It was a tiny batch that I split to do the edv and barrel aging. Short barrel aging - about 6 months total.

Both came out very nice. I think the oak aged is very fine. My wife (and out principal distiller) doesn't care for oak, so she lobbied for the eau de vie. The peach is easier to taste in the edv.

It was released mostly through the tasting room. It's sold well enough. If I can figure out how to efficiently (and affordably) crush the peaches, I'll make more. Our apple brandy sells better, though.

I don't think many people know what to make of an edv. It's a nearly blank slate to be creative with - but not that many consumers are really cocktail inventors. IMHO. And while _I_ think the oak aged is technically better than the apple brandy we make, or the cold climate grape, it's not as distinctive. And though the peaches are local, next county over, they don't fit the marketing story that goes with the rest of our cider & perry.

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We have registered a recipe with the TTB and will release a 100% Georgia Peach Brandy, aged in oak barrels in the spring of next year. We had hoped to get a large batch this growing season, but our permits came in a little too late. Rory and Davy at Peachstreet Distillers in Palisades, CO makes a fine Peach Brandy as well.

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