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2 liter oak barrels - looking for a supplier


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I've scene these 2 liter oak barrels retail for as low as $29 and as much as $79, but I haven't been able to dig up much on a manufacturer. Can anyone recommend a direct supplier or manufacturer for these little barrels?

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After some extensive snooping, it's sounding like the smaller barrels being offered up by various suppliers are *all* sourced from mexico (I could be mistaken). I would expect that there's a notable variance in quality between these novelty barrels that some distilleries are offering to consumers to age their own vs. the 15 gallon and larger barrels that are crafted by barrel mill and other reputable cooperages' around the US. As a novelty to offer customers to do some experiments in rapid barrel aging these mx barrels seem legit enough.

I just want to see someone bend the the saves and hammer down hoops on those 1 liter barrels!

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