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Pour Spouts For 32mm Finished Bottles

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In the spirit of helping all of you I wanted to pose a few questions.

1. Are you having issues finding pour spouts that fit the 32mm finish?

2. Do the ones offered leak?

3. Would there be interest if I could source one for the Saverglass, Oslo, Noes, Kendo & so on which would work effectively, I.E. leak free?

4. What other things are key in design of a pour spout for bars and tasting rooms?

Let me know!


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Yes, leak free pouring spouts for those bottles would be great.

For bars it's nice if they have tops that close or have caps to stop evaporation and fruit fly infestation overnight.

For tasting rooms they need to be very accurate on the pour. ie., 1/2 oz. pourers and and 1/4 oz. pourers. In NY state distilleries that can do tastings can only pour a total of three 1/4 oz. servings. Having spouts that you can do controlled pours with makes things easier and protects us on a legal front.

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