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Pre-launch marketing


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We're still a good few months away from opening our doors, but I wanted to start collecting email addresses of potential customers early so I can let them know when we launch.

I found a great Wordpress theme called Launch Effect that makes this really easy to do:


I think it works really well for a distillery or bar.

Here's ours:


Anything else you all have done to get people interested early?

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Nice work. Constructive criticism here..

I tweeted from your site to help get some exposure. It currently reads "Cardinal Spirits Bloomington Distillery http://www.cardinalspirits.com/kDAch"

You have 140 characters... use them all if you can. Something like.

Check out an upcoming new distillery located in Bloomington Ind. http://www.cardinalspirits.com/kDAch

Sign up for updates from the newest distillery in bloomington http://www.cardinalspirits.com/kDAch

etc etc.

Other than that great job!

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