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Insurance Supplier to Distilleries

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We are in the product development phase at Hamilton Distillers here in Tucson.

We are using a very small 39 gal pot still from Portugal and will produce 4 - 5 whiskey

products. We're a long ways from large scale production and selling our product.

We're looking for an insurance supplier. Not many out there for distilleries.

My agent gave me a quote using Essex Insurance Co.

but it seems high for as small as we are at this point. The wholesaler is Burns & Wilcox.

Anyone know a good and reasonable insurance supplier or wholesaler?

Stephen Paul, Hamilton Distillers

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Can you elaborate on the type of insurance you were quoted on and the general range for the cost? Is it just liability, or also property coverage? I've also found the cost extremely high and the options limited. In addition, you'll also need liquor liability coverage as most policies will exclude liquor liability as a matter of course.

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Hey Stephen,

I'm the distiller for Forward Brands (aka Arroyo Spirits) in Phoenix, I'll get you the info for the company we use. I'll PM it to you once I have it.



I am in our planning phase and still haven't found a decent quote for insurance. John, would you mind sending your insurance info to me as well? I will be located in Peoria, Az.

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