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Historic Medley Distillery is For Sale

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Posted at the request of Bill Owens...

The distillery has undergone significant capital improvements on the 28 acre site in the last few years. Notably, there are seven aging warehouses on the site with a total capacity of about 140,000 barrels (which could be leased out to other distilleries to generate revenue), as well as four bulk storage warehouses with a total of about 60,000 sq. ft. The facility is tourism friendly (another source of immediate cash flow) and has a clean environmental record. All it needs is some basic distilling equipment to be a great operation. Of course, there is much enthusiastic support in the Owensboro community for this historic facility, to include a strong interest in providing economic incentives to see it restored to its highest value.

The owner is asking only $7.5mm for the Plant Property & Equipment. Historic Bourbon trademarks associated with the Distillery may also be available, along with aged Bourbon stocks, that could be used for the immediate launch of brand(s). I’ve attached a ‘virtual tour’ containing info and recent photos of the facility. Should you or anyone you know be interested in exploring this further, I’d be happy to arrange for a facility tour and/or to get additional information. Thank you.

Best regards,

Richard Wolf


(Note from Admin- The power point was not in the message I was sent. I will post it as well as soon as I get it.)

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