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Appalachian Mountain Spirits llc

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New member to the professional distilling world. The new venture is located in the Virginia Highlands and shall be a small craft operation.

Currently in the licenseing phase, construction and capital aquasition. Was hired to be the master distiller for another venture but the owner could not pass muster under the licenseing requirements.

So, if you want do right, do it yourself. So depending on funding, this distillery will be in operation within 6 to 12 months. Seeking limited partners to speed up the funding process, but either way it's happening.

Looking foward to meeting and interacting with all my fellow members.

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I'm in Marion near Hungry Mother State park. I checked out your web site, outstanding job. Are making your own neutral spirit? If so what? sure could use a creative director myself, but that will come.

Once again, good job. If you guys need anything just ask. My background is quite extensive.


Scott Schumaker

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