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Hi Blair. I am currently using two vendors for 99% of my herbs:

San Francisco Herb Co -- www.sfherb.com

Mountain Rose Herbs -- www.mountainroseherbs.com

There are lots more, but for accessibility of information, origin and lot tracking, well-stocked inventory and price I keep returning to these two. Incidentally when preparing for scaling a production gin I was worried about supply issues. I happened to be visiting Magic Hat Brewery in Vermont and asked John (Brewer, Head of Ops) is they had ever had any supply issues with either of these vendors. He said he hadn't and they often place very large qty orders multiple times a year.

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It appears that many of the suppliers are showing "out of stock" for a lot of the base gin ingredients. However, there appears to be a number of suppliers available on amazon.com and ebay... It might be a little more costly, but I'd be curious to know if anyone has used these sources.

What are other people paying for their bulk ingredients?

Right now, the lowest advertised price I'm seeing is ~$9/lb for Juniper berries when bought in 25lb bags (SpiceJungle). Anybody out there getting deals?

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I just placed an order for gin ingredients, because some of the places are limited or currently out of stock I had to mix up my order between Mountain Rose Herbs, Country Malt, and Amazon.

Mountain Rose Herbs has some pretty good deals if you are buying higher quantities and breaks it down into smaller quantities where Country Malt is only by the lbs. I just paid $9.45 for a lb of Juniper Berries through Country Malt.

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