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new distillery in Asheville, NC-business partners/investors needed

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My name is Darin Leinbach

I am an experienced and revolutionary minded distiller looking for business partners, people with business administration degrees, or a person rather, as well as investors.

I would like to start a farm distillery I should mention. All other details pertaining to my vision, ideas, etc. please call and we'll talk further.

I also could use a business plan writer with experience. I've started one, several times, just not my cup of tea, not anything I want to do myself. I could easily collaborate vocally and have one done in a short period of time.




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Im just getting started looking into this industry. Just finishing up an MBA and unfortunately have spent too many hours in the last couple of years writing business plans etc for school. Im retiring from the military in the near future and am planning to move into the industry at that point. Not able to offer any full time help but would be glad to volunteer a little time to help write a business plan or work up financials etc.



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I offer new and rental cooling equipment (chillers, pumps) in the industrial marketplace.

Also, at times have used/reconditioned glycol/water chillers to sell.

Please contact me should the need arise.

(we would be able to set up the start up service on the chillers as well).


Mike Gronski



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