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60 gallon still, non direct electric heat, 4 plate Column

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For you folks that saw us at the ADI conference, you would have seen the prototype for this design.

we're having several of these units built, and only the 1st one is spoken for at the moment.

below are two pictures, first is a (very poor) picture of the prototype unit, which is on its way to Texas to make whiskey.

the second is a rendering of the Hybrid version that we're building right now.


Boiler, piping and accessories are all 304 stainless steel

column / cap and riser system is all copper.

Gin basket with 6" access hatch above boiler,

Boiler has a fluid jacket for indirect heating, filled with food grade oil and heated by 3 electric elements with a total of 13500w

control system requires 60amp 220v supply.

1.5 KW (2hp) agitator, 208v 3 phase

price is $20,500


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Sorry I missed you at the ADI conference. I am wondering if you plan on offering anything in the 250 gallon range any time in the near future? I like the use of non-direct heating and your overall design. I know you have a 150 gallon offering, but what about even bigger?

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pictures taken during final assembly of the prototype

at 2/3 power, from cold to plates filled and product coming off condender was 1hr 20.

after finishing a run, dumping the spent wash and loading fresh wash in, heat up took 45min

the thermal mass of the oil in the jacket really speeds up reheat.


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