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Other uses and businesses on DSP premises

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It seems part 19.54 and 19.55 in CFR 27 implies you could use the DSP premises for purposes other than producing spirits, if you get TTB permission.

Anyone have any experience with actually getting permission for other uses, or if there are some things minor enough that they don't need to be bothered with it?

We're going to have more space at our warehouse than we'll need, and I'd like to use part of the shop for personal storage and other hobbies. Not sure if I want to request it on our initial application and risk any delays however.

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hi Chuck,

The list of information to be filed, as part of the "supplemental pages" to form F5110.41 of the DSP application, contains the following request for information:

"For any other business to be conducted on the plant premises, a description of the business, a list of the buildings and equipment to be used, and a statement of the relationship, if any, of the business to distilled spirits operations at the plant."

So, yes, you can use it for other purposes. But you definitely have to explain it to the TTB. I'd call that requiring permission. In my case, I discussed this by phone with a TTB agent, and documented that discussion as part of my permit filing.

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I concur with Denver. I do know of a brewery and distillery that are in the same buidling but they are different businesses with completely different owners and there's no connection between the two spaces. You have to go outside, although the two doors are inches apart.

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