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Not sure where the best place to ask this question is, so I am starting out in equipment. If I need to move this thread please let me know :D

We are partnering with a small distiller out of CA to launch a new sparkling spirt, 15% ABV. We have been looking at different closures. What provides the best bang for the buck? We were thinking either Stelvin or a Crown Cap. It seems like a Stelvin capper is pretty expensive but is much faster, but I can't seem to find out if the will stand up to pressure. We are currently carbonating to about 2.5-3.0 atmospheres.

If we use a Crown Cap and a bench press our bottle cost goes way up. Crown top seems to be a bit more expensive, maybe because it is used mainly for Champaign? Is there a place to find used equipment or should I just bite the bullet and Poney up for a stelvin finisher?

Hoping somebody might be able to point us in the right direction.



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Basic Stelvin wine caps are not designed as a pressure closure. They are only good for a bout 1-2PSI bottle pressure, and even then that's generous. Personally I would use crown seals for a carbonated drink. The issue with Stelvin is the relatively thin top section of the cap, it will bulge under pressure. Some derivatives of the Stelvin (i.e Lux, and BVS) are pressure rated. I have seen a number of sparkling waters packaged in BVS, with the right cap.

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