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Greetings from Cleveland

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Hi Everybody,

I'm Eric from Cantina Distillery in Cleveland, OH.

We're still in our planning stage but hope to get things running by 2013.

We're really excited to be taking courses at Siebel and Kothe next week in Chicago and hope that once we get back we'll hit the ground running.

Keep an eye out for us.

- Eric

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We're going to dabble in everything like vodka, eau de vies, and agave spirits.

But our focus is going to be on gins, and more nontraditional whiskeys (using different woods, and aging processes).

We've experimented a bit with the whiskeys using the Buffalo Trace white whiskeys to some success, but I'm hoping that the classes will fill in some gaps.

All in all though, very excited to join this community.

- Eric

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