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process water for Rum


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Does anyone have an opinion reguarding parameters for process water for rum? I know that the town water has high manganese (3 mg/L). They also add 20 ppm potassium hydroxide for pH adjustment. Chlorine is also added in the 1.2-1.3 ppm range. Lastly, polyphosphate is added for sequestering. I'm not sure how (or if) any of these #'s will effect my molasses or evaporated cane sugar syrup wash. I have a full secondary contaminant report from the water dept. so if there are any other process water issues that will effect the quality of the Rum, any input would be appreciated. My thinking was a small carbon filter coming into the building and a deionization unit off one hose bib for bottle proofing water. Any advice???

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Absinthe Pete:

Are you saying put the RO filter on all incoming water into the building so that process water and bottle proofing water is run through this same treatment? Do you use one and is it reasonably affordable to install? Thank you for the input.

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Yes it filters ALL water that comes into contact with your product, you don't want to filter water you use for washing things.

They are about $500 for a good one that can handle the volume you'll need for a distillery.

If you need to make water for a specific product and make a regions water, such as Scotch, you can take the filtered water and then add the right amount of minerals to create the type of water you need. There used to be a chart out there that shows the amount of stuff in various regions of areas that make spirits.

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