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MSU and ADI Intern Special Thank You

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Day 14*: I want to send out a special thank you to all the people at Briess Malt, especially Gordon Lane and Annette Schmidt. (www.briessmalt.com) As I was preparing my order with Ari for my project Rye Whiskey I contacted Briess Malt, told them about the ADI internship and this new program with Kris at MSU, and asked if they would consider helping us out a bit. Thank you to Briess and Gordon for your kind donation of the grains and malts. When it comes out of the barrel, I will hand deliver a special bottle just for you guys. If any of you reading this have not checked out what Briess has to offer please take some time and reward their generosity. You see this above image all over the ADI site. They are big supporters of this movement and now me. I started looking at their specialty malts because I think they are elements which can help to create truly unique spirits. I am honored by their generosity and I hope they will be proud of what comes from it.

Thank you,

Rick Schneider

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