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MassShine Results

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Judged by Lupec Boston - http://lupecboston.com/

Raw Shine

1.Trybox rye new make

2.(copperfox) wasmund's white whiskey

3. House Spirits white dog

4. Highwest Silver

Curtis top favs of the night

1. Outlaw moonshine (wow) can anyone tell me what the mash bill is for this!

2. Hudson 150proof rye

3. Dark Horse

4. Good Time moonshine


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Outlaw moonshine:

"Outlaw Moonshine is Hand Crafted from 100% California Central Valley soft white wheat. Grown on farms for generations, and now distilled 3 times, in an old copper pot still using purified water."


Had myself some real good shine at the NW Spirits show in Bend, OR this past weekend. It was a great event and I got to taste many spirits that can't be found locally.

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The event was fun. Great to meet you finally Curtiss! Make sure you come out to visit the brewery soon. Dark Corner and Goodtime were my two favorite moonshines. The Outlaw seemed to have a Rye like bacteria aroma but worked well in the product...just real different from what I have tasted. Well made products all around. The Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey was great as was the wasmunds white dog...........and I wish I had the partial bottles to take home.........Kudos Curtiss for the first event.

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