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Atelier Vie's Still and Control Panel

Jedd Haas

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I thought some of you might like to see our still and also our control panel. 30 gallon still with locally fabricated condenser and control panel built in house. 50 amp control panel (2x 5.5kw elements) with both auto and manual control. Let me know if you have any questions.




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It controls two 5.5kW electric elements, which are connected via those two large plugs at the bottom.

At the top left is a PID controller, for automatic control. The large dial on the right is the manual control. The PID does have a manual control feature, but I prefer the ease of use of the dial.

The switch at the bottom left selects either auto (green light) or manual mode (red light); the one on the right switches between the boiler (blue) and column (orange) temperature sensors.

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