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American Made, Affordable, Jacketed Stills Now Available.

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Here we are folks, the first truly affordable American made Jacketed Stills. When I look at these Stills I see quality, simplicity, functionality, versatility and affordability. Whether you purchase one of our more traditional all Copper American made Pro Series Stills or one of our less Expensive Stainless Steel and Copper American made Pro Series Stills, you will be making an investment in a piece of equipment that will give you decades of service. One of the great things about these particular stills is the ease of use. The operation of these stills is very simple and straight forward. The heating system is electric with a simple on off switch and a digital controller. All of the electrical system components and safety components are off the shelf parts that you can get at your local hardware store. The heating elements are 4,500 watt 240 volt water heater elements that you can purchase for around $40.00 each. The digital temperature controller is the same kind that you find on a home heating boiler or furnace and the pressure safety valves are simple water heater pop off valves that cost around $35.00 to $40.00 each. These stills were designed this way, so that if you have a component fail you do not have to wait days for an expensive part to show up and then pay a technician a boat load of money to install it for you. These stills have a 2 year parts and labor warrantee on the boiler and head and a 1 year warrantee on the electrical components. The heating jacket allows you to distill on the grain without the worry of scorching. We are building these stills in 50 gallon, 100 gallon and 200 gallon capacities. The introductory prices for the stills with the stainless jacketed boilers and copper pot still heads are: 50 gallon $7,200.00 , 100 gallon $8,200.00 and 200 gallon $11,200.00 After we sell one of each size, the prices will go up. Paul@distillery-equipment.com 417-778-6908

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We will be updating our site soon. We haven't built any of these stills yet. All we have at this time are some drawings, including the drawing that I uploaded with the original post. These stills will be built in a professional shop that builds stainless tanks, stainless jacketed tanks, and stainless pressure vessels for the dairy and food processing industries. They have been in business for 22 years and are well known for the quality of their work. Another shop that does electrical controls will be doing the wiring and we will be doing the copper work including the Pot Still Head, Condenser Coil and the Flake Stand in house. I will have the drawing for the Flake Stand in a couple of days. These Stills have a 2 year parts and labor warrantee on everything but the electrical. There is a 1 year warrantee on the electrical for parts only. The electrical parts can be purchased at your local hardware store and can be easily installed.

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Unfortunately we haven't sold any of the American made jacketed stills yet, so none have been built. I would love to sell one to somebody.

We have been busy though, as we have sold 7 mash tuns. I sold one 600 gallon steam injected mash tun with a cooling jacket and an 8 hp three phase agitator, which was especially designed for thick mashes, to a distillery in Texas a couple of days ago.

We have also sold 2 jacketed stills that we are building from Groen Kettles. These stills have their own self contained indirect electric heating systems and PID controllers.

We've also sold several jacketed fermenters and we completely outfitted a mid sized Brewery in Colorado.

I have been working on our web site but we have been so busy for the last couple of months that I haven't gotten much done on there, but my wife has been helping me for the last couple of weeks so we are getting closer. There is just so much stuff to list. We want to be everyone's one stop shop for distilling equipment and Tri clamp Parts, fittings and valves etc, etc. I think everyone will be surprised with the variety of things we will have. Meanwhile if anyone needs anything just email me at paul@distillery-equipment.com Below are 2 of the jacketed fermenters that we sold to the Brewery.


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The stills mentioned above are jacketed. The heating elements are in the jackets and the jackets can be filled with oil or water. Also we can supply steam jacketed stills and Mash Tuns in sizes up to 1,000 gallons. We also build steam injected mash tuns and stripping stills. We are building a steam injected mash tun /stripping still right now. Also I just sold a 600 gallon steam injected mash tun with a cooling jacket to a distillery in Texas.

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