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Importing bottles in bulk?


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Here is a question I have for everyone. Have you ever thought of directly importing the bottles from china? I have been looking over the website www.alibaba.com and I was wondering if anyone else has expierence with it? If you look at the bottle prices, they're disgustingly low compared to anything available in North America. I know there are additional costs associated with shipping such as the cargo container (Something like 1500 for a 20 foot, and 2700 for a 53 foot) as well as an import tax (7% of the total goods value from what I'm reading, if I'm wrong please correct me) and thats about it. The only downside is you have to order generally in huge bulk, the minimums are often 30,000 bottles up to 100,000. The fact is most bottles in the U.S. are generally not even made in our country and sold through a middleman. I am All American, I am ordering most of my equipment from America, as well as the ingredients in my vodka. However the bottle is an ongoing cost which I don't know if I can justify for the insane prices that most distributors here want. Not to mention the majority of them just import them from china the same and quadruple the price!

Any thoughts on this?


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When buying from China, unless you really know exactly who you are dealing with, there is an excellent possibility that you are buying from a middleman, broker, or other "non factory" source. If you are already up to speed and experienced in purchasing from China, and you can afford to buy the large minimum, then it may make sense. However, you may also want to expand your search. Hint: check into bottles made south of the border.

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Sourcing through ALIBABA is dangerous because you end up with a srting of trading companies and ususlly never have direct contact with the manufacturer. You will not have any quality control over the production and need to pay in advance. We at Topline have solved this problem by establishing exclusive direct relationship with manufacturing glass companies. Topline’s sales exceed $100 million. Topline is committed to custom glass packaging. Our offering is simply - Why buy a stock bottle when you can have your very own custom bottle? A typical 750ml bottle cost is about $1.50 FOB a USA Port with a 3,000 one time mold cost. For over 30 years, we have successfully developed engineered and manufactured custom glass for the Cosmetic, Spirits, and Food industries. We have the unique ability to produce custom design bottles at affordable prices. Our China manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified (www.iso.org ); a family of standards for quality management systems. Topline has a Shanghai, China office with a technical staff to control mold development, samples, production, quality, and shipping.

We offer custom design glass items manufactured in clear FLINT, SUPER FLINT and white porcelain OPAL. We decorate using Embossing, Spray Painting, Acid Etch Frosting, Silk Screen Printing, and Multi Color Decaling.

Minimum Order Quantity = 10,000 pieces

Typical Mold Cost = $3,000

Mold Built and Sampled in 30 days

A typical schedule is 75 days total:

5 days to make the bottle drawing

30 days to make the mold and sample the bottle

10 days for production

30 days to ocean ship to the USA

Bottles are packed into corrugated master cartons with internal dividers, palletized, strapped, and stretch wrapped

Quality Assurance: We perform ISO2859/MIL 105e standard quality control inspections before shipping. We offer you a RISK FREE opportunity = Pay NOTHING if you do not approve our samples.


The following activities occur:

1- Provide the quantity, bottle shape, capacity, neck finish and decoration details if available

2- We provide a price quote. Our price quote is ocean freight delivered to a USA port of entry. You only pay the transloading (if needed) and trucking from the port to final destination.

3- If the price quote is acceptable, issue a PO with the stipulation that it is subject to the approval of bottle samples.

4- We make the engineering drawing for your approval

5- When the drawing is approved, we can make a hollow 3D Lucite model for you to review

6- When the engineering drawing or model is approved, we make the mold and sample the bottle.

7- If you do not approve the bottle samples, you pay nothing.

8- If you approve the bottle samples, you pay for the mold and 60% of the production cost provided you have an excellent credit rating

9- We will write a detailed bottle specification with your assistance and it will be used for the quality control inspection

10- We perform a MIL105e inspection and submit the report with samples to you before anything ships

11- Final payment is due 14 days from US Custom clearance at the port (subject to credit application approval)

Given the chance, we will deliver the quality glass bottles you require. Please call me at 5621.818.8977.

Investing in your Success,

Robert Miller

Topline Products Company, Inc.

C 561.818.8977

155 Route 46W

Wayne, NJ. 07470

T 973.785.1600

F 973.785.8866

Skype: robert.miller826

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I just got a great lucite mockup of a bottle from Robert Miller. Working with their design guys has been great. I need to make some changes, but so far I am very happy with the direction. Hopefully just one more iteration and we will go ahead with a glass prototype.

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