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what still would you recommend for white rum?


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you would want some type of plated column still, whit rum is usually distilled to a higher proof then an aged or navy rum.

I can certianly help you out with pricing and design.

Drop me a PM r shoot an email off to steven@artisanstilldesign.com

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Looking to distilling 7000-8000liters of white rum a year, What kind of still would you recommend.

Brand, size, Contact info.

Thanks// Soren

I don't have any still suggestion, but how are you defining "white rum"?

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Sorry, I should have been more specific.

Are you going to make an aged rum then strip the colour with carbon (or whatever)

or are you calling your newmake/unaged a white rum?

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Pete is right when he asks how you are making a white rum. The great majority of white rum is aged for 1-3 years, then filtered to strip out the color.

If you plan to make a white rum and bottle it right away, then you need a different distillation process than if you plan to age it. And you will have different flavor profiles.

I am sure there are some artisanal distilleries making white rum and bottling it immediately. I just haven't tracked them down and tried them yet.

Also by 7000-8000 liters a year do you mean off the still at high proof? Or that much at bottle proof?

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