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Any Black Rum recipes out there?


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I've been searching for discussions on recipes and aging for Black Rum (ie. Goslings), but have come up with nothing so far. I have heard that it requires fruit juices (?) and considerable aging, but that's all I've gotten so far.

Anybody have any information on this subject or can point me to any literature?



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in the research I've done, and its been years that I've been looking at making rum...most "black" rum is just colored to be so using either carmelized sugar or back setting with molasses. OVD, bottled in scotland is made with molasses.

From what I've been told by the people there in Glasgow when I took a tour is that if a rum and coke has a "head" on it, it was backset with molasses. The head is from the protein in the molasses mixing with water.

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I personally have a 125 year old recipe from Cuba for clear and black rum.

I'm not tiring to upset you but I don't think anyone is just going to give up a recipe. You are going to have to do your research and piece together a recipe like a crime scene investigator. Just try and think of all the ingredients and processes and equipment rum makers had 100-200 years ago.

Remember 99.99% of the time people over think this.

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