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One day distilling school


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We are going to once again offering our 1 day distilling course. During the day we will go through all the processes from grain to glass with a hands on approach. you will see the actual operations. Our last class had all of the participants feeling they gained a wealth of knowledge and what they most appreciated was actually seeing all the stages required not just hearing about them or seeing pictures. we have a comprehensive video presentation with a booklet of all the slide you will see. Our Equipment includes a 600 liter Holstein Still with 2 towers and a total of 21 plates. The course will be from 9 to 5. To cover everything, it has go for the full time. There is a pizza lunch provided. The course will center on vodka production but Whiskey will also discuseed as well as liqiours. the items that will be cover are.,

A very short history of distilling

grain grinding

grain cooking

grain fermenting

mash distilling

determining heads , tails and hearts

still maintaince and cleaning


maintaining TTb standards for alcohol proof

TTB reporting

Types of stills.

Last time one of the student wrote us before the class questioning if we could do it all in one day after the class he said we we really did it!

we are

Virtuoso Distillers (you can find us at 18Vodka.com)

4211 Grape rd Mishawaka IN46545

574 876 4450

 We have a planed maximum of 16 seats

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This is a very reasonably priced course, well crammed with info, and in a day you get to see a full grain-to-glass production of a rye-based vodka in a craft scale distillery. Even though I had taken other courses before, I felt this was worthwhile to see Steve's approach to his operation.

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I also went to this class recently. Very much enjoyed the class as well as all the people who attended it. I have read a lot of info on distilling and the class brought it all together. I would recommend it the class especially for beginners.

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