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we are looking forward to bring our product out to the market fall of 2013.

Im guessing that is real hard to find a distillery that would sell you whiskey by the barrel or in other words 32 gallon of whiskey. we are looking to purchase 640 gallon of whiskey on a monthly basis depending on our demand. we are looking for whiskey we can use to produce a unique blend. if anyone knows a distillery that would be capable of such thing pls comment below we would greatly appreciated your help.

Cheers! :D

None Age Whiskey

Single Malt Whiskey

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I think it is too much trouble for anyone to sell just one barrel unless maybe it is someone local and you can just pick it up. For that matter, where are you getting 32 gallons? Most common barrel sizes are 5, 10, 15, 30 and 53 gallon. From here it evaporates so if it is old enough the 53 gallon barrel could get down to 32 gallons. I haven't really looked into sourcing barrels too much, but I think that if you are willing to buy bulk, try MGPI (the have whiskey stocks from the LDI takeover). I am guessing your order would have to be much larger though with at least 50 if not more like 150-200. These would be 53 gallon barrels (of course if aged it won't have that much in them). Ultrapure advertises selling smaller amounts. http://www.ultrapure-usa.com/pages/artisanspiritbases.pdf I do think it would be nice to see some blending from products of smaller craft producers, but my guess is that barrels would be hard to come by since few produce a huge amount more than they can sell as it is just too capital intensive. Good luck.


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Thank you so much for your input, i find all your information valuable. my mistake was that i put down 32 gallon of whiskey because that's how much we need to produce a batch of our blend. we are not trying to buy one barrel we are trying to purchase 25 barrels on a monthly basis, i guess we should just buy a 6 month supply to reach a larger amount to purchase. Thank you for your respond to this matter.


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