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Stats on failed micro's?


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I'm building my business plan for a micro and will, most likely, be seeking a SBA Loan (as a vet I qualify for the new 'Patriot Express' loan backed by the Fed). I'd like to present the pro's and con's of the micro-distillery business. I've found the "pro's" info on the growth, new distilleries, etc but nothing on failed distilleries. Anyone know anyplace where I can find some stats on failed/closed/bankrupt distillery operations. Not looking for specific names but I'd like to give a failure rate (hopefully small) or similar. I've googled but have only found one example in Minnesota. Anyone know any more?.

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I would like to echo the thanks for your service!

I started contacting each state liquor control board about licenses that were discontinued. Was a very hard number to get. The numbers that I did get were pretty low if any. I got about half way through the alphabet of states with less than a handful. Good Luck! This was done early last year so you might want to hit the states (one your in) and states that have higher numbers of distilleries to get a feel for a number.



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