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Artisan Still Arrives


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This isn't so much a topic as an effort to promote Steve Cage and his Artisan Stills. Mine arrived today, and I have to say I am super impressed with it. Have not assembled or fired it up, but the workmanship is outstanding. Steve is remarkably helpful and a true craftsman. I think this is what ADI is all about. It is great to see, and I hope more and more out there look to him for your equipment needs. I sold my Holstein still (I do miss it), and I don't regret it all. This setup is going to produce some amazing Hawaiian rum!

It will likely be another month or so before I fire it up, but here are some images I took today. I will keep everyone informed of progress.




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Where oh where is my whisky head.

I need some whisky to stay ahead.

The orders are comin' fast

and i don't wanna end up last,

'cause the Artisan Still is best,

It makes more whisky than the rest,

AMS is really fine cause we make some great 'ole shine.

But we're up on the hill, waitin' on that whisky still.


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distilleries using our equipment for daily production

Six And Twenty Distillery - South Carolina

Blue Flame Spirits -Washington State

Moonrise Distillery - Georgia

Pinckney Bend - Missouri

Feisty Spirits - Colorado

Dallas Distilleries - Texas

as well as many more who have received their stills but haven't gone into production yet.

ask any of these folks how they like their stills.

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