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Hawaii HB1314


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Everyone keep your fingers crossed for the distillers of Hawaii. We await the passage of House Bill 1314 that will allow Distill Pubs here. If this goes through, I think Hawaii might will end up being one of the friendliest states in the US for distillers. Sadly, I only just found out about it since I have been so busy just building my distillery and increasing my farm production. I didn't expect this to come on so fast after we just allowed retail for distillers last legislative session. Go Sammy Hagar or Ocean Vodka. I assume one of you got the ball rolling on this!

Before all of you pack your bags to start one here, we also enjoy the highest overall cost of living and insane energy costs, and incredibly cautious governmental agencies that sometimes make getting the business moving a slow and costly endeavor. That being said, best weather in the world, great people, wonderful family friendly state. Keep an eye on us out here in the Pacific. We might actually start blazing some trails rather than always following the mainland's lead.

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LOL Dave. I have to give you HUGE kudos for this! You are a true statesman of the industry here. Next time, maybe let me know while there is still time to write testimony.

Sorry about giving credit to Maui, but I really figured if you went down the path, you would have mentioned it!

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