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Selling tips and tricks ideas, thoughts, strategies, etc....

Ryan S.

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So you have your taste down, you have product sitting in bottles, distributor lined up, etc. etc. Now its time to get out there and convince liquor stores, bars, and all the other fun places to purchase your quality product. How do you do it? Just walk in and start pitching your product? Build a team if money allows? What has worked for you? Ill ask more pointed questions as the convo develops. I think a lot of us have a lot of info at our finger tips when it comes to making product but unfortunately when it comes to selling the stuff, info is a bit scarce.

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Marketing, sales and selling is a craft as well as making spirits. It is as indiviual as the spirits that we make. With all that said, there thousands of good ideas, but the key is to have a plan and work it. It is far better to do three things 100 times than 100 things three times. Find three points that really fit your personallity and show passion. Passion sells, quality products = repeat sales. When in doubt, show more passion and don't ever give up.

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Genuine personal relationships are the keys to the candy store when it comes to sales. Not just in the beverage business, but in all businesses. The first thing that comes out of your mouth should not be "buy my product", you need to get to know your customer first. Find out what they look for in a product, understand their pain, paint the picture of how you are different, can solve their problems or provide something value added. Now you can start your sales pitch and get their agreement.

Be "likeable", people buy from people they like and have a personal connection with. I could use FedEx for some of my shipments, but my UPS Driver stops in every day whether I receive or ship a package, and even if I don't. I know his wife's name, he knows my dogs, and he always has a new joke for me. I look forward to seeing him because we have a connection. Make connections with your sales prospects.

This is a great topic, and something that we all should know. I would advocate for a seminar at next year's conference on Basic Selling Skills that would be taught by an actual sales trainer. I think that this would be well attended since many of the folks that I met in Denver have never sold anything in their lives. Unless you have a huge budget for salaries you can't afford to hire a multitude of sales staff so it's up to you to be the top sales performer in your company.

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