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I get the economics of grain. I'm cool with the idea of gelatinization and enzymatic saccharification. I'm in New York, however. We're a modest wine-producing state. I wonder about the economics of trying to contract with nearby wineries for their lees, and running exclusively with grape dregs? Is this plausible or laughable? Does anyone do this?

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Clear Creek Distillers here in Oregon have been pretty successful focusing exclusively on Brandy and Grappa although they have recently released a smoky single malt whiskey that is quite good. They have been around since the 80's and are pretty widely distributed but it might be a model to at least look at.


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Brandy is distilled wine. Back hundreds of years ago traders on the seas distilled wine so they could carry more goods on there ships. They thought they could add water back with it when they got to port. But sometimes the sea voyage was long and since the distilled wine was in oak barrels the sailors and there customers liked the distilled wine better. So that's how brandy was born.

To me grappa is all the crap left over like spent grapes and with some stems and seeds.


Master Distiller

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