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This might be a stupid question, but what type of corn should someone stay away from. We will be trying out a million :) different mash bills and I want to R&D without spending a fortune on corn and when we have our bill that we like, then upgrade the quality of the ingredients.



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I use a yellow dent corn / feed corn straight from the farm - delivered in totes from the farmer himself. There are definitely differences in the processing requirements using a "raw" corn versus a "processed" corn from the grain suppliers. I found Making Pure Corn Whiskey by Ian Smiley to be helpful in making adjustments to my mash bill and process. Good luck!

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I would use white if available. If not, good clean, dry, about 12 percent moisture and at least sixty pound bushel weight will work. Get a moisture meter and bushel weight hand scale. You may have to try several farmers to get what you want. I have found that air drying or a continuous dryer gets you the best corn. I have seen some corn damn near roasted. So try to hit that 12 percent mark.

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