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30 KW 208V 3phase heating elements

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I have two new-condition 208V flanged heating elements, as well as two 75 Amp contactors and four 3-phase fuse blocks with 50A fuses.

All equipment came from an unused ElectraSteam boiler that I purchased this summer from a brewery who had bought it in 1997 and never installed it. The equipment sat in box on the shelf for years until I purchased it. I have converted the boiler to 480V to match the service in our facility, and do not need this equipment.

I am offering this as a complete bundle to forum members for $300 plus shipping. The elements on their own I will sell for $100 each.

The heating elements are 36" long, with a 4 bolt 6" 150lb flange attachment. They are 230V 3-phase elements and can be used on 208 or 230V 3 phase service.post-5559-0-46625500-1373570353_thumb.jppost-5559-0-98381000-1373570353_thumb.jp

The fuses are class RK5 50 amp time delay, 250VAC or less. Each fuse block has three fuses. The fuse blocks are Littelfuse 250V 60a, 3ph.post-5559-0-68305200-1373570352_thumb.jp

The contactors are Furnas definite purpose controller - catalog no. 42CF35AF, there are two of these (there were four on the boiler, i kept two for my conversion).


120V - 1ph = 3hp

240V -40 FLA, 240 LRA, 1ph - 7.5 hp / 3ph -10hp

480/600V - 40 FLA, 200/160 LRA, 3 ph - 15hp

pm me with any questions


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