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Looking for a steam boiler consultant in New England region


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I'm beginning my build out for "Smoky Quartz Distillery" in Seabrook NH. I lucked out and a came across a local 'going out of business' sale and got a 15hp steam boiler and two 200 gallon kettles with mixers for very good price (along with a ton of other equipment :)) . The boiler came with a complete set of all piping, valves, traps,etc but its a complete jigsaw puzzle. I've got two relatives who are retired steam fitters to do all the installation and I'm an degree'd ME but I really would like a consultant or steam contractor to look over my design and also sign off for local code (if needed).

Anyone know a steam/boiler consultant or company in the NE region that services coastal NH?



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I wear many hats and one of them is as a process engineer and have put in steam systems. I will be in Haverhill today, but I live in western mass. If you want you can email me your contact info and I could always stop by this afternoon. You can reach me: christian@awnequip.com.



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