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Monthly TTB reporting of experimentation


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We have our DSP permit and are about ready to do some small scale experimentation which will involve purchasing ingredients and producing spirits. We will probably either store the end results for later re-distillation or just dispose of it. Do we have to notify the TTB that we are operational (though technically we are not)? And if so what columns would we need to fill out in the monthly TTB reports? Any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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You are also "required" to tell TTB that you are beginning operations prior to firing up the still. Sec. 19.292(a) Beginning operations. "A proprietor must file a letterhead notice with the appropriate TTB officer before beginning or resuming production operations. A proprietor must not begin or resume operations before the time specified in the notice." This is a "notice," not an application. You do not have to wait for TTB's approval, which will never come anyway because they simply file notices.

The reports that you must submit will depend upon the operations you are authorized to conduct. Assuming you are qualified to produce, warehouse, and process, you must submit a report of each operation month, even if you have no operations in the account. Stuff you put down the drain is "voluntarily destroyed." You need to keep the records on that.

Smoogdog's advice on calling TTB is correct They are helpful.

Don't forget tax returns. You can file quarterly if you give notice *(see 19.223(B), but without notice you must file semi-monthly (see Sec. 19.234 - The proprietor must execute and file TTB F 5000.24 for each return period, even when no tax is due for a particular return period).

Hope this helps.

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I take it you are in Iowa.

Here is the information from the TTB web page:

Mountain District Field Office

316 North Robert Street, Suite 322

St. Paul, MN 55101

(513) 684-2730

That is the district office. They will be able to give you the telephone number of your local investigator.

Anyone can find the district office for their state at: http://www.ttb.gov/a...locations.shtml. Not all inquiries should be directed to the local or district offices, but routine questions about regulations are often best answered by people in the field. Questions that require a statement of policy should go to either the the NRC or headquarters.

Here is some advice you may not like, but it is sound. Always try to know the answer to a question before you ask it, that way you will recognize when someone is spouting nonsense. I know that this is not easy if you are not familiar with negotiating the regulations, but it guards against off the cuff answers that are wrong. For example, before you call and ask about monthly reports, take a look at TTB's tutorial. You can find it it at http://www.ttb.gov/m...resources.shtml, which will link you to a tutorial on each of the operating reports.

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