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My name is Ryan Wells and I would formally like to indroduce myself, and most importantly, my family's new craft distillery; Wilmington Whiskey and Spirits Co. We are a 100% North Carolina ingredient sourced distillery which offers many traditional as well as forward thinking and fun craft spirits. We are expecting to open our new location in the downtown Wilmington riverfront area within the next year. The new facility will feature a full working distillery, retail space, tasting room, distill-your-own workshops and tours.

It seems there is already a wonderful community of distillers on this forum as well as in my great state of North Carolina. It is a privlidge being part of such a wonderful resource and we look forward to building relationships with many of you.

Please keep an eye out for our soon to be launched website; www.wilmingtonwhiskey.com to keep in touch and share our transformation!


-The Wells Family

Contact info:

Ryan Wells / Owner


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Ryan, Good Luck!. I have a good friend and associate that is a material handling and automation expert that lives in Wilmington. PM me if you need help in that area. Also, give me a shout if you are looking into closed loop chilled water systems & mash exchangers. Great success as well!

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