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Start Up Volume - Production/Distribution/Onsite Sales


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After digging into many posts related to start ups, production, volume, sales, etc., I cannot locate any data - anecdotal OK - related to the amount of production / distribution (whether self or through distributor) / tasting room sales, etc. that a start up distillery had in Y1 and a comparison of same to Y2 or Y3. I'm not talking revenue - just cases (or bottles/barrels put up if applicable).

I'm close to receiving approval on a loan for a small downtown (town=6000 people) Main Street location distillery and tasting room in (touristy) CO. I plan to produce vodka and two liqueurs and have estimated production at 800 cases of vodka per year (12-750ml) and 600 cases of liqueur (calculated on 12-750ml). My biz plan assumes 50 cases of each sold from the tasting room and the remainder sold thru distribution networks (including utilizing strong regional contacts in the restaurant/bar/retail/hotel industries). I also have a network of contacts in key cities in the US but am still trying to understand how I will utilize them in connection with a distributor or broker.

Would anyone be willing to comment on their own personal experience from start up thru Y1 or Y2 or Y3 related to what was produced / distributed / sold and how. Alternatively, if there is data of this nature available "to the public", I would relay the location to my banker, who is having difficulty locating statistics of this nature. I know I've got a long way to go, and much to figure out but no need to continue if the bank says "no".

Thanks for any input/direction to keep looking - as simple as Case #s produced/distributed. CB

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