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Heating fermenters

Palmetto Coast

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We use HDPE fermenters. Our corn mashes ferment out fairly quickly and temps don't play too much of an issue. Unfortunately, our molasses isn't fermenting all the way, as temps drop. What are some economical options folks are using to keep temps warm? I've heard electric blankets and building a tent and using space heaters. I'm worried about leaving these unattended over night. We could use a coil and run water, but I'm curious to find other tricks or tips.



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If you are looking for a cheep option I would recommend a silicone drum band heater. They make them for plastic.

I have a 100 Gal HDPE and I am using one 200 WATT band on the lowest setting. It works great. I turn it on around day 3 until I hit my final gravity.

This is an example from McMaster.


Good Luck,

Crazy Rabbit

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They make heaters for tropical fish tanks. I use them for my Cane Sugar fermentations (don't need to for molasses). I just hang 'em submerged in a 1000 litre tank and they hold the heat nicely. They're inexpensive and work quite well. We also use them in 800 gallon tanks for Malo-lactic fermentation in red wines and they do the trick (although ML doesn't need to be quite as warm). Hope this helps.


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