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Hello from Seacoast NH "Smoky Quartz Distillery LLC"

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HI everyone,

I've gotten some very,very good advice on this forum and thanks to that advice, a ton of hard work and spending roughly double (or more) what I thought I had budgeted :) I am within a couple of months of opening for production. For free PR and marketing my local newspaper was gracious enough to do a big front page article on me. Here is a link to it if anyone would like to read it. All it took was single email to the local paper and they came right down.


Looking forward to making my first legal batch! (in no way does this statement imply that I have made illegal batches... :)



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Good luck!

Next year I hope to make a swing to NE to see a cooling system being put up in VT now and to see the boys up at Trident in ME.

Who knows where I'll get lost and be at your doorstep, LOL.

If I can be of any help on cooling systems, give me a jingle.



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